Hot off the press :)

Hello lovelies :)

I’ve got a new print up today and I wanted to share it with you! I hope you like it ^_^

tote clock pillow ipad

Wishing you all a splendid day

x Koko

New print :)

Howdy all,

I’ve cooked up a new print, this one is a lot more vibrant than my last but I just love turquoise and blues and pastels together, can’t help myself :)

phone     pillow

bed     canvas

Wishing you all a splendid day :)

x Koko

New print :)

Hi all,

We’re currently coming out of a dark and gloomy winter where I live, so my mood is changing from decidedly blue to somewhat purple-y as the sun has finally decided show it’s face! And as I was feeling in a purple-y mood last night, I decided to whip up a purple print for the store. It’s a bit brighter than my previous patterns but as they say ‘variety is the spice of life’:P thus I share with you my new purple-y print.

phone     pillow

tote     mug

Let me know what you think of it :)

Now I’m off to go get some sun to get rid of my winter Voldemort complexion!

x Koko

Back to school goodies

Hi all,

It’s that time of year where everyone is heading back to school (myself included!). To help ease the pain its always fun to have some new accessories to start the semester! I don’t know about you guys but I personally don’t have a laptop case and being surrounded by the creative chaos that is my life I always end up getting weird stuff on my laptop (usually whatever is floating around the bottom of my backpack :P melted eclipse mint anyone?). Which is why I’m loving the new soft cases for laptops on society6, I can’t wait to get one home and see what they’re like :)

Here’s a sample of what they look like, this one has the mint green diamond pattern from my store :)

laptop case mint green

Good luck (and sympathy) to all those heading back to school :P

x Koko

Hot to trot

Hi all,

Not going to lie, I basically just wanted an excuse to use the phrase ‘hot to trot’ in a post :P Here’s some shots of one of the leggings available in my itsy bitsy online shop, leggings which shall indeed bestow such beauty to the wearer as to make them ‘hot to trot’. If they tickle your fancy you can check them out here.


And now I bid you goodnight, as I take myself and my daggy old sayings to bed.

x Koko

Returning to the world

Exams are done and I can return to the world of the living!

exams finished

To celebrate I’ve put my creative hat back on and put together two new patterns and uploaded them to society6. I’m still in love with Moroccan patterns and tiles at the moment so the shapes within the pattern have a Moroccan vibe :) I felt like using some softer colours today so lots of pinks, mints, blues this time around.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new patterns in store!

pillow     tapestry

phone     pillow

I’d love to know what  you think of them :)

– Koko

Quick study break to show you some leggings!

Agh! Exams are approaching hastily and I’m currently rugged up by the coffee table with piles of notes towering over me, but before I become lost forever under their ominous shadow I wanted to share with you the two legging patterns I popped up on society6 this morning!

It all seems rather timely to upload these legging prints now, as I am currently deep into a legging wearing hibernation-like state, fuelling my dying brain with vast amounts of coffee and chocolate, both of which necessitate the donning of expandable pants. Thus I give to you, my fellow legging wearers, minty green diamond leggings and jazzy rainbow pattern leggings:

leggings    leggings mint side

leggingsrainbowfront    leggingsrainbowback

And now I return to my dungeon of solitude to cram further useless knowledge into my noggin.

– Koko x

Promo ends tonight!

Shout out to all the late night shoppers like myself, reminder that the free shipping promo at society6 ends tonight!


To take advantage you’ll need a special link to each artists store, so if you have your eye on something make sure you hunt around or ask the artist for their promo link!

If something from Kokos Patterns has tickled your fancy you can get the discount applied by using this link

Happy shopping everybody :)

And on that note this sleepy gal is off to bed.


– Koko